Winners of Stanislav Libenský Award 2021
1. Prize
Balász Telegdi - Hungarian
Through the Scope
2. Prize
Kristína Ligačová - Slovak
Behind the Glass
3. Prize
Modestas Barštys - Lithuanian
Who's There
Special Prize
Igor Kováč - Slovak
Brutal Glass
Miki Tomii - Japan
Constantly Changing
The Ceremony
The Exhibition
The Jury
Gizela Šabóková
Gizela Šabóková - Czech glass artist and sculptor, a leading figure in world glass. Her works are represented in important museum collections.
Verena Schatz
Verena Schatz - German glass artist. She is fascinated by the potential of glass to alter our visual experience. She uses this material to challenge our visual expectations and to pose questions on what reality is.
Naďa Kančevová
Naďa Kančevová - Slovak art theorist. In her professional work, she deals with the phenomenon of collecting, object creation, applied art and design in a broader context of visual/material culture of the 20th and 21st centuries. In addition to her publishing activities, she is engaged in curatorial projects with a priority focus on glass, applied art and design. Since 2016, she has been the curator of the NOVA Gallery, Bratislava.
Tets Ohnari
Tets Ohnari - Japanese sculptor working in Tokyo and Prague. He successfully works with various materials, including glass.
Milan Hlaveš
Milan Hlaveš - Czech art theorist. He deals with modern and contemporary glass and ceramics, including porcelain. Until now he has worked in several important Czech museums (Museum of Decorative Arts 1998–2020, currently at the Prague City Museum). He has been cooperating professionally with the organizers of the Stanislav Libenský Award since the first year of the competition (2009).
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