Prague Gallery of Czech Glass
Marek Veselý founded the non-profit organization Prague Gallery of Czech Glass in 2007.

In addition to the presentation, the Prague Gallery of Czech Glass provides visitors, artists, and theorists an informal space for meeting with openings, talks, and lectures devoted to the history and presence of Czech glass art.

These principles began in 2012 by organizing Glass Excellence in the Glass Art – a year-round program of exhibitions and opening a debate with glassmakers. 

The prestigious achievement is annually awarded the international glass prize Stanislav Libenský Award (since 2009). Prague Gallery of Czech Glass is the initiator and main competition organizer. It is open to young artists worldwide, graduates of bachelor's or master's degrees who used glass in their final work. The Prague Gallery of Czech Glass exposed 480 authors from 76 schools in Prague throughout its history. Forty-one nationalities were represented. In connection with the exhibition, regularly is organized a rich accompanying program. Thanks to this activity acquisition policy, the Gallery focused on young international glass presentations in recent years. The Gallery can be seen works by leading Czech glassmakers and international examples of young starting artists.

One of the essential tasks of the Gallery is to build a large-scale exhibition in which visitors to the capital city of Prague are offered an attractive opportunity to explore the past and present of Czech and international glass.

We fulfilled our plan for 2022: we selected the winners of the Stanislav Libenský Award 2022 in Rosenberg Palace. We opened an online gallery focusing on glass sculptures and artworks from young glass artists worldwide.

We have newly structured our patron's program with many unique benefits. Join us now.

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Prague Gallery of Czech Glass is a nonprofit organization registered in the Czech Republic.
Registration number 27907660.
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